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WindowsFormsAero has moved!

CodePlex is unfortunately shutting down and the project has been moved to Github. All development will continue there.

The library is now also available on NuGet. It can be installed via the following command:
Install-Package Windows-Forms-Aero

Windows Forms Aero is a project started by Marco Minerva on January 30th, 2007.

This project aims to create a Windows Control Library that provides controls reproducing the appearance of Microsoft Aero graphic objects, like buttons and links with shield icon, textboxes with cue banner, etc.

System requirements

  • Visual C# 2008 Express Edition or Visual Studio 2008
  • A system running Windows Vista or Windows 7


The current version contains several native Vista controls (such as Buttons, Combo boxes with cue banner, Command links, native List views, Progress bars, explorer-like TreeView...) and some modules that empower the user to exploit some of Vista's advanced GUI features (Glass sheet effect, text on glass, live thumbnails and the new Task dialogs).
The intellisense documentation file is now available as well.


The demo applications shows off some of the native Vista controls and the Glass sheet effect.

An example of a rather complex Task Dialog. The library includes a complete implementation of the Task dialog API, including task dialog navigation, events and animation.

An example of using the HorizontalPanel and LabeledDivider to create a Windows 7 style form (minus the IE like controls at the top).

For more information about the new controls that are available in Windows Vista, take a look at

Documentation and Samples

The complete documentation is currently work in progress.

Applications using the library

  • OnTopReplica, utility that allows you to clone a window and keep it "always on top"

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