Adding Vista Controls to a Visual Studio 2008 project

Add the library reference

In order to start using the library, you simply must download the latest binary release, copy the files in a folder of your choice and then add a reference to it in the Solution Explorer panel of Visual Studio 2008:


The library will be listed as VistaControls in your project's references:


Remember that all classes are included in the VistaControls namespace.

Adding the controls to the WinForms designer toolbox

You may also add the Windows Vista Controls to a custom toolbox and use them in the WinForms designer of Visual Studio. To do so, right click on the toolbox, select "Add Tab" and assign a significant name to new tab (for instance "Vista Controls"). Then right click on the tab and select "Choose Items...". This will display a dialog that allows you to select which controls should be added to the tab: browse to the Windows Vista Controls DLL, open it and click OK.


Now you can simply drag & drop the controls to the WinForm designer and start using them. Some functionalities of the library are not available as drag & drop controls and must be called from your code.

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